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Welcome to Maxim Tile

Our motto is “Live the way you want to live”. We came up with the motto when we noticed some of our clients fighting with themselves over the idea that “their house couldn’t have this beautiful kitchen, this over the top master bathroom retreat, or this pretty design” using all the best stones or tiles because “if” they ever sold the house they wouldn’t be able to recoup the cost, or someone else wouldn’t like it.

Well we don’t believe that. People everywhere appreciate a well thought out, well designed, and quality built room. In the end, even if the design and colors you choose are not exactly like someone else’s idea, they will appreciate it. We want your tile to be your favorite part of your house, from your unique master bathroom that no one sees but you to your foyer that everyone sees.

We use quality materials and we do quality work. We do it right because that is the way it’s supposed to be done. Take a look around, check out our galleries and see what we can offer you; from repairs, cleaning, and sealing to a simple shower, an intricate patterned floor or a back yard pool.

We look forward to serving you, our most important customer.